NCHE is a support group for families in Maryland who have an interest in home education. Most of our meetings are in the northern part of Anne Arundel County, but membership is open to everyone. We do not charge dues, and there are no special membership requirements. We invite everyone to participate in our activities and ask only that you consider organizing an event or helping with one. The success of our organization depends on the active participation and contribution of all our members.

NCHE Statement of Purpose

North County Home Educators has been established:

  1. To provide a network that welcomes all homeschooling families regardless of their religious beliefs or homeschooling methods.
  2. To provide opportunities to access services/benefits a single homeschool family could not obtain alone.
  3. To provide sources of information covering a range of interests which could be used in a variety of homeschooling programs.

About NCHE

North County Home Educators was started in 1992 as a network of families who homeschool or are exploring the possibility. We are an inclusive group composed of members who are willing to share their homeschooling experiences. We do not specifically endorse or promote the views of individuals, groups, or organizations whose names may be shared as resources; such references are for your investigation solely. Each member speaks only to their individual experience. Our group was formed primarily to provide support to homeschooling families, and we respect each family's educational choices. Membership is free. The following is a description of activities.

NCHE-sponsored activities are those activities which are held on an annual basis, carried out in a way consistent with our Statement of Purpose, and supported by the Planning Committee in advance. Our current activity list includes fieldtrips, annual receipt drive fundraiser, resource library, newsletter, children's fair, and adult meetings.

Member-sponsored activities are those events planned by the group members. Such activities can include, but are not limited to the following: Boys' Club, Girls' Club, Halloween parties, Christmas Social, Field Day at Maryland Gymnastics, Reading Program with Pizza Hut, etc. NCHE does not take responsibility for the content or organization of member-sponsored events. Neither will NCHE be held liable for any problems or difficulties associated with the events. Members are encouraged to plan these events as they desire. Announcement of these events in the newsletter is done as a service and not as an endorsement.

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