About the Maryland Coal Association, Inc.

Incorporated in 1937, the association was formed to serve the many companies involved in Maryland’s coal industry.

This has included local piers, agents, laboratories, and utilities, as well as railroads, mines, agents, producers and consumers from other states.

Maryland, and the Port of Baltimore have long played an important role in the coal industry. Today, fewer companies maintain a corporate presence in Maryland, but the state continues to play an important role.

The Maryland Coal Association has served primarily as a networking organization that provides the opportunity to meet people from the various companies involved with the coal industry. We continue to serve in this role by providing luncheons, dinners, and golf outings that you can attend to meet others, or use to entertain your clients.

In addition, we have speakers who can help keep you informed about issues affecting the coal industry. Our membership directory will help you to quickly locate key people, and it will show you how to contact them.

Please help support our efforts by becoming a member today!

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