(The Baltimore-Washington Home Educators on-line community)

The BWHE on-line community is designed for open-minded homeschoolers in the region who are interested in participating in a community that represents a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs. Our community also represents a wide range of ethnic groups, education levels, and socio-economic classes. The one thing we have in common is an interest in trying to do what is best for our children and our family.

While we welcome all homeschoolers, we request that you respect the diversity of this group. This means that posts designed to promote a particular religious or political agenda are prohibited. Our intent is to provide a community where members can feel free to share homeschooling ideas and resources, ask questions and find encouragement and positive attitudes!. Please save political or religious debates for private e-mail exchanges or for other lists specifically created for debating such topics. Please note that BWHE is also not the place to post virus warnings, scams or chain letters. Any message that asks you to forward it to everyone you know is automatically considered a chain letter. Before sending such warnings or chain letters to friends or to other lists, you may want to search for information at

All potential members must identify themselves before they can participate in this group. The information you provide will not be made available to anyone other than the list moderator, and will not be used for any marketing purposes. We ask that you provide this information as a screening process so we can be assured that you are a person actually homeschooling or considering homeschooling in the region and not someone who wants to join the list just to study homeschoolers, advertise, stir up debates, promote a political agenda, or promote a religious agenda.

All information obtained from this list should be considered confidential and no messages should be forwarded to other lists or quoted without the authors explicit permission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Check here for answers to your questions before e-mailing the moderator.

Request form to Join List - Use this form to submit information used to validate your request to join BWHE.

Once you have joined the BWHE list, if you would like to participate in the Discussion list  (BWHE-D)where it is permitted to discuss topics in depth or debate more controversial subjects, go to or send a blank e-mail to This list is only open to BWHE members, and you do not need to provide any further information to be approved.

Submit an Event Announcement - This form is for members only and can be used to submit an event with the group. You can also submit events directly to the group, but this form will help make sure you provide all pertinent information.

Monthly Ad Digest - This form is for members to submit an ad to be included in the monthly BWHE digest. If your homeschooling family has services to offer the BWHE community, let us know. We prefer to support fellow homeschoolers when possible.

1) Members can submit ads about their own services or products using up to 2,000 characters (about 30 lines)

2) Members can submit ads about services or products offered by non-members, but only if they are homeschool related. Non-member ads are limited to 1,000 characters (about 15 lines)

3) Ads should be appropriate for this family-friendly list and we reserve the right to reject any ad for any reason

4) Members may submit more than one ad, but only if the ads are for unrelated services or products.

5) Ads can be submitted at any time to or by filling out this form  (Do not send them directly to the list and do not send them to the list owner)

6) Ads will only be run once. You must re-submit your ad after each MAD if you want it included in the next issue or specify how many times you want it to be repeated. We will send out a reminder about a week before each MAD is sent out to give you an opportunity to submit your ad.

7) This service may be discontinued at any time.

I hope you will find this service to be a useful addition the BWHE list!